These locks are used to secure a variety of items from bikes, to sheds and even doors! This article is going to explore how master locks work and how to open a dial lock without the combination.  Master locks typically have a dial with numbers on it which is what you will use to unlock your master lock without the combination. However, if you don’t have the ability to see the lock or try anything else out, there are some other methods you can use as well and they work even on the best combination locks!

When master locks were first invented, their main purpose was to protect items from being tampered with. Over the years, master lock has continued to develop new ways to keep people out of your master locks which can be helpful if you are trying to get into it without the combination! Some master locks have a button on them which will reset the master lock if you push it in. This only works when the master lock is in its unlocked position, so if your master lock is still locked then that won’t work. The best chances you have to get into your master lock, without knowing the combination, will be through using one of two methods: master lock bumping or master lock shimming.

Master lock bumping

If you want to know how to open a dial lock without the combination, then the first thing to learn is lock bumping! Master lock bumping is a process in which you try to open master locks by hitting them with a rubber mallet or something else that’s heavy. Then, the pins will move enough to allow you to slip the master lock key into the master lock and turn it to make it open. This master lock opening method works best with master locks that do not have a master button on them. However, if you master lock does in fact have a master button and it is turned to the “on” position then master bumping will not work and neither will anything else, unless your master locks has an adjustable or changeable combination!

Master lock shimming is another master lock opening method that can be used if you don’t have the combination to your master lock or if the master lock has a master button that is turned on. This master lock opening method involves using a thin piece of metal, like a credit card, to slide into the crack of the master lock and then pushing it in until the metal reaches the pins. Once the metal is in place, you would then turn the master lock key and it should open!

Master Lock Shimming

To shim a master lock, place a thin strip of metal, like a credit card, under the master lock and then push the metal strip into the master lock until it touches master lock pin. master lock speed dial Once there is enough pressure on all master lock pins so that they move up, you can turn master master locks key to open master lock!

Before the master lock was invented, thieves would typically drill out the pin tumbler in your standard deadbolt. master lock speed dial They would then unlock it by hand, but this took a long time and made quite a bit of noise.

  1. Pick up a master lock key and insert it into the master lock.
  2. Turn the master lock key clockwise as far as it will go, but do not open the master lock. Place one hand on top of this topmost pin and push down as hard as you can. This should push all of the pins down.
  3. Bring your master lock key back to its original position before turning it again. This time, turn your master lock key counterclockwise until you loosen it up. You may need to repeat this several times before releasing the pressure on top of the pins, letting them move back up again. This process may be easier if you use a handle that is slightly thicker than the standard master lock key.
  4. With your free hand, turn your master lock key clockwise until it is as far as it is going to go.
  5. While holding your master lock key in its final position, slowly slide the rubber piece on top of the master lock off from one side to the other until you have lifted it completely off. The rubber piece lifted off to one side.
  6. The springs and pins should all be in a stack together. Push your finger under the very top spring and push it up so that it is flat against the rest of the stack of springs and pins. Your lock key should now be able to insert your master lock key. Push it in as far as you can and turn it counterclockwise until it stops, but do not open the master lock yet!
  7. Hold your master lock key firmly in place and slide one of your fingers under the master lock key. The stack of springs and pins should slide up the master lock key, releasing it from its locked position. This method works best if you rotate your hand so that you are applying upwards pressure on top of the stack of springs and pin.
  8. Once the master lock is open, be sure to close it and make sure that it is locked properly. Now you know how to open a master lock if you don’t have the combination!


There you have it! Bulletproof ways to help you get the job done! So, next time you’ll want to know How to open a dial lock without the combination, come back to this article and follow these steps!