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G-locks' objective is to provide tools and services that can easily secure your family and belongings. For this reason, we would like to offer you our first product - the 4 Digit Combination Lock - to make your life easier and more secure. Why should you use a 4 digit combination lock? Because it is easy to use, since you have the key on you at all times. It is also safe, since you have 10 000 possible combinations in order to avoid unwanted intrusions. We think that the main threat is forgetting the combination. Therefore, we created a free online service, which helps you access your lock combinations wherever you are. Not only is the safety of your valuables important to us, but also the protection of your family members. Having that in mind, we made an e-book containing all useful pieces of information regarding this matter. All our services are available to you simply and free of charge if you register on our website.

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If you wish to receive our Combination Reminder  Service, or wish to download our free e-book, please register on the website or log in. If you have any comments related to our products or services, you can also contact us without registration, using the following e-mail address: office@g-locks.com

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